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Monday, February 21, 2005

Is Marilyn Cursed?

It was a big moment. Marilyn made her public debut. She (worn by me of course) made her way to my LYS (no new yarn to report, we went mainly for some cross stitch things my Mom needed) where they raved over her. They seemed impressed that she was only my third sweater. After that, she went for Chai Lattes at a local coffee shop and later out for Japanese food then to my aunt's to watch the Kentucky versus Mississippi State basketball game.

I had some big concerns as to whether she is a hex or not. Like most other rabid Kentucky fans, I am superstitious. I have a few unlucky shirts and am fully convinced that my friends and I had a crucial role in us winning the 1998 NCAA Championship. In the Championship game, we (meaning the team, even those of us who have never set foot on a court call the team "we") were playing horribly and down by 10 and were en route to losing. One guy got so frustrated he went outside to smoke. The team started to comeback and played great while he was out. When he came back in, we had a couple of really bad plays. He was forced to watch the rest of the game, on a chilly late March night in Kentucky, from the front porch.

Anyway, I worked on Marilyn a lot last Saturday during a game. We played horribly against a bad team even though we won. Tuesday, I finished her up during the game, and we LOST. Eek! Could Marilyn be unlucky? I wanted to show off the sweater to the family when we went over to my aunt's. After receiving many raves about it, I mentioned the connection, and everyone was concerned. I wore a shirt underneath it just in case I needed to take her off.

Never fear, all is well. We won the game convincingly. Marilyn is safe!


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