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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Law and Order, Cairn Terrier Style

In the criminal justice system, there are two separate but equally important groups. Er, okay, we're talking about the Cairn justice system of this house where there is only one person: the Mom that investigates crimes and the same Mom that prosecutes the offender. This is her story.

*ba bump*

The Crime:
In the living room floor, a ball of bright pink furry yarn Mom used to make a scarf for her friend's daughter was in shambles. Ripped and shredded. The criminal was merciless on this poor yarn and must be captured immediately.

The Suspects:
Investigation quickly led to two suspects, both with criminal histories.

Elly: Female Cairn Terrier, Wheaten, Brown Eyes
Criminal history: assault (on dogs at obedience school), theft (stealing her brother's food), resisting arrest (grumbling when being grabbed for bathtime)

Parker: Male Cairn Terrier, Red Brindle, Brown Eyes
Criminal history: destruction of private property (digging in the backyard), disturbing the peace (yapping his fool head off at the neighbor dog)

Both suspects were on the run but quickly located fleeing across room lines. They were questioned extensively.

Here is your opportunity to solve this mystery. You should examine the evidence and solve the crime. Who destroyed the furry hot pink yarn? The photographic evidence and mugshots are below (caution, photos may be offensive to those with well groomed Cairns)



This is corny but a little something I wrote to be published in Written in Stone, a fundraiser for Cairn Terrier Rescue after seeing the pile of shredded yarn in the living room floor and the "Cat that Ate the Canary" look on my boy's face.


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