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Monday, November 28, 2005

When the knitting gets bad...

Do you ever have those times when it feels like none of your knitting is going right? If not for the humongo hit, Ruffles, I'd be in that mode. Of course, I even ripped out 12 inches of Ruffles because I thought it felt too loose! Then there was my Cashmerino hat to match Ruffles. I wore it out today on a cold day and realized my head was still cold! It's too big and not quite long enough. Rip, rip time. Thank goodness it was a quick knit and I have some extra yarn left from Ruffles if I need more.

I decided that my next new project was also to be from Scarf Style, the Backyard Leaves scarf. Didn't I say once I wasn't going to do anymore scarves? We drew names for a Secret Santa at work this year, and of course I would have to pick the person that lists charitable contributions on her wishlist! But she's super sweet and I am sure she'd enjoy a handknit item. She makes jewelry herself. Plus I'm going to drop a few dollars to one of the charities. I decided Backyard Leaves would be perfect for her. I picked up Plymouth Suri Merino in the light gray color. She usually wears black so thought gray would work.

I got it home and started to knit. About 8 inches in, I wasn't going anymore. The color is dull and drab. The yarn is nice and soft but a little fuzzy. The pattern barely showed at all! I decided to block the bit I had done, and it looked okay but still not great. I went back to my LYS, exchanged the yarn for the same yarn in a burgundy color that is prettier and seems a little less fuzzy than the original. So far, so good!

I'm such a dork with this pattern! I enlarged the repeat section of the chart and made copies of it for each repeat I'd be doing (about 22 in all). That way I can highlight the rows as I finish them. It's not a mindless knit but it's not too bad. I can still do it in front of the TV, although not to anything I want to pay close attention to.


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