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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Kool Aid Dying Part 2

My Kool Aid dying attempt teaches me yet another lesson: I don't have the patience to do this! I mixed up my cups of Cherry, Strawberry, Lemonade, and Berry Blue to attempt to handpaint my skein of Paton's Classic Merino. Ten minutes later, I dumped it all in the dish to be microwaved. It actually came out to an interesting purple color with some variegation (probably from where I did some color before giving up). It's cooling now, I'll post pictures later. From now on, if I try Kool Aid dying, I'll stick to one color since I do love some of the shades I've seen.

On an exciting note, I finished Tempting yesterday! I really like the pattern, although mine came out pretty big on me, in spite of doing some decreases at the top. I didn't do a gauge swatch on circular needles so perhaps that was my problem. I did it in Lion Cotton-Ease and am washing it to see if it shrinks some. As it, it's not unwearable, as the ribbon should hold the top up, but it's not as form fitting as I'd expected. I need to get ribbon this afternoon and will post pictures later.

I got most of Tempting completed during the Kentucky-Alabama basketball game. Since it was a big win for the Cats over a team that is definitely legit on the road, Tempting may be my garment of choice for the NCAA tournament. I think I'll get a Big Blue ribbon for it!


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