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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Brace yourselves

Prepare for the shock. Are you sitting down?

I have a finished object. Yes, I actually completed, sewed in ends, and wore a knitted item. That's my first in a loooonnnnggggg time. I even wore it out last night!

I present to you, my latest Honeymoon Cami!
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Yarn: Berroco Cotton Twist
Needles: Size 5 circs
Notes: If you remember my first Honeymoon Cami, it was way too big. I've never worn it. I made the smallest size in that one, a size 32, and my bust is 31.5-32 (since I've lost about an inch in it with all this training I've been doing. Yeah!). Now granted, I don't look like a 32 bust in this picture. I'm a C cup so that clues you in to just how small my frame is and why I have so much trouble with the fit of knit patterns in the armholes and shoulders. So what I did was subtracted down another size, casting on 9 fewer stitches than the smallest size. Then I decreased a couple more times between the best and the armhole shaping to try to make that fit a little tighter. It's still bulky underneath the arms but isn't too bad. It fits much better, and I think I'll wear it often.

Now I guess I gotta get back to Apricot!