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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Gettin' Better

Elly continues to improve. Dogs amaze me. Almost 48 hours ago to the minute, the vet called to let me know she had just come out of surgery just fine. Last night, I was struggling to keep her from jumping on the couch and bed. Outside, she was trying to run. She didn't eat much of her breakfast but by evening, her full appetite had returned and she was nagging me about wanting her dinner. If a human had surgery this major, we'd still be in bed unable to move much. Hopefully we'll be able to kick these bladder stones once and for all.

I'm plugging along on Lucky. I had to rip out my bind off on the right front and knit a few more rows. Someone lost count of her rows and wasn't paying close attention to the schematic.

I'm thinking I can get it done by the end of April. It will be perfect for our May weather. I also need to go ahead and finish the Hip to Knit turtleneck that has evolved into more of a boatneck sweater. I only have one sleeve left to go.
I hate having almost finished objects around, I'm much too obsessive, so I want to get that done. I've been enjoying Lucky so much so far that I haven't picked anything else up. I can't believe I am enjoying lace on size 2 needles but I am.

What to do next? I have this mint green yarn that I plan on turning into a tank and slim fitting summer cardigan. I have 2 skeins of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece that I think is going to end up as a Minisweater, minus the edging. I'll have to refigure the pattern for a smaller gauge, and I'm not fond of the puffy sleeves so I think I'll have plenty of yarn. I guess I could knit it double stranded but for summery things and being short and small framed, I really prefer the look of the smaller gauge.

After that, I am liking Cable 8 from the Spring Interweave Knits and then there are a couple of things in the upcoming summer IK
that I like. And my Mom's taken up yoga and has a bagless mat. The shame! She needs the Stitch and Bitch Nation yoga mat bag. It should be a cheap (Lion Cotton) and relatively quick pattern to do.

The new Knitty will most likely have a project or two I can't resist as well. By the time I'm done with all of this, it will be time to start plotting knits for next fall and winter!


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