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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Nervous Day

I dropped Elly off at the vet about an hour and a half ago. She was so chipper and upbeat, her typical Elly self. That makes it all the harder! The receptionist was fawning all over her. Elly loves that. She had a rough evening yesterday. She was really struggling trying to potty and peeing a lot when she did. I'm not sure why since she was okay up until yesterday. I guess it just all came to a head yesterday.

Parker will be depressed without her. She's his idol. When she comes home, he'll be so excited. I'll post again as I get word on Elly.

I finished the right front of Lucky during the basketball game last night. Once you hit the neckline and raglan decreases on this front, it flies. I went ahead and blocked it because I'm anal. I think this is typical of lace knitting but pre-blocking, it looked awful. I wet blocked it, and this morning, it's smooth and pretty. For the next piece, I'll take a pre-blocking versus finished photo. It's an amazing difference. I didn't feel like casting on for the left front so I cast on 13 stitches and began working on the ribbed band. 80 inches total of 1x1 rib for the band and other tie. Eek!

I think I'm going to have enough Cotton Fine leftover to attempt my first socks. The reviews on Wise Needle say that this is a good yarn for socks.

Great basketball game last night. I thought Illinois could pull it off but they didn't. I really didn't want UNC to win but that's mostly selfish reasons more than any big issues with them (I used to despise Dean Smith but I *cough cough* like *cough* Roy Williams). We're #1 in alltime wins, they are #2, about 50 wins behind us. I want to stay far, far ahead!

Why did CBS change One Shining Moment a few years ago? This used to bring me to tears every year even if we didn't win. They had to bring in star power with Luther Vandross who doesn't sing it with nearly the emotion of the old one. You know, I never have seen the 1996 One Shining Moment. We won that year but I was at the Final Four and of course didn't see it on TV that night (we were too busy celebrating). I'd love to see it, that was a fun basketball season because we were so good. We would have killed the two Championship game teams this year with that team but that's not really a knock on them as much as it is a knock on the changes in college basketball.


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