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Thursday, April 07, 2005

The New Knitty is Up

Yay! Not long after I had posted earlier today, I got the e-mail that the new Knitty was up. There were a few things in it that I really want to make. The biggest two are Spring Fling and Via Diagonale to satisfy my desire for a summery knit purse. I have a cute little crocheted purse that I bought a few years back that I've gotten more compliments on. It's kind of beat up so a knit version is definitely needed. Cocktail Monkey is really cute too. I'm kind of liking the monkeys although they really aren't me.

I love little tanks so Soliel and W may also be must haves. I'm crazy about Xback but it's not super wearable for me. I have to wear a bra, no doubt about it, and don't like strapless ones.

And then, Shade and Wheelie may be perfect quick little knits that I can really use. In fact, I have a lamp in my bedroom that is screaming out for a new knit lampshade!

Elly continues to do great. I called the vet to tattle on her today. I can't keep her from jumping and running. This is what happens when you get a terrier! She's not really hyper like some terriers, luckily, but she is happy go lucky and energetic. The vet said not to worry about it. Parker's still not sure what to think.

On a UK basketball note, our leading scorer, Kelenna Azubuike (he who is really hot without his shirt on) has announced that he's leaving one year early for the NBA. He's hired an agent so it's bye bye Kelenna. I thought he may declare for the draft but not hire an agent which would leave the option of returning. I don't think he's ready and may not even be drafted but with some family problems he's had this season, it may be the best decision for him. Best wishes Kelenna! We'll be fine without him with our depth at his position (aren't you glad you stayed, Joe Crawford?), but it's still a little surprising.


  • At 7:54 PM, Anonymous Juls said…

    omg! I am in love with "I Do"'s probably the only shrug I've seen that I really like. Of course, I swear I will never do lace. I see a Cambio in my future too.


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