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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Rebecca Ruffly Jacket

As soon as I got the yarn in my hot little hands, I said I wouldn't be able to resist beginning this project. I know myself too well. I really want to get Salina done before the Knitting Olympics begin so I probably won't do too much more on it for now but I had to start, just to try out the pattern.

Here's the completed left front:

So far, so good but it's hard to believe from the funny looking thing in the picture that it's going to be a well-fitting sweater! My gauge is slightly off (22 st/4 in versus 21 as the pattern calls for) but when I measured it according to the pattern schematics, it's pretty close. One nice thing is that I'm not having to make pattern adjustments at all! The pattern sizing looks to be perfect. I have to do that with almost all my sweaters. Even if they are designed for my chest size, I often have to size down because they allow too much ease. It's not an "I'm so skinny" thing because I'm definitely not. I've got curves! But I'm really short and with a small frame, don't like more than a couple of inches of ease even in sweaters that are supposed to be more oversized.

This yarn is gorgeous! It's so soft and light. Knitting with it is great, not like the mohairs I've used in the past. I haven't had to do any frogging yet, knock on wood. The color is different than I thought it would be. From the picture, I thought it was going to be a brighter, medium pink shade but it's more of a deep red. The color is called Raspberry, and it's the color of a raspberry, go figure! Even though it's not what I expected, it's very pretty. I always get compliments when I wear red so I think it will look good on me as well. I'm having trouble getting a picture that shows the color well (my digital stinks) but imagine the deep pinkish-red of a nice ripe strawberry.

I quickly figured out the numbers on the ruffly edging that, except for the back bottom and sleeves, is done by picking up stitches along the front, around the neck, and down the other front. I should be binding off about 600 stitches when it's complete. Eek! But I thought it was going to be worse. That's why I figured the numbers, to find out what was ahead of me. At least it doesn't have to be seamed on!

You Go Girls!

Props to UK Hoops (the team formally known as the Kentucky Lady Cats) for beating #1 ranked Tennessee!!! In spite of being a huge college basketball fan, I just don't enjoy watching woman's basketball. It tends to be a more fundamentally sound game than the men's but I find it a lil' dull. Anyone who is a college basketball fan would have enjoyed this game. It was well played and came down to the last seconds. When we grabbed the final rebound to seal the deal, I found myself flying off the couch, screaming, just like I would for a men's game! When I logged onto the UK website/message board I frequent, I expected to see some "who cares, it's just women" posts but I saw none of that. Everyone else was as excited as I was! I can't wait to follow the women's team through the rest of the season. Go Cats!!!

And I leave you with a picture of Elly Cairn and the guest bed that serves as my fancy-schmancy blocking board. My dogs are such productive little citizens. She loves to be helpful as I am hard at work. See?


  • At 2:38 PM, Blogger goodkarma said…

    I like the color you ended up with, Stacy. It's going to be so pretty on you! I think that Rebecca mag is meant for someone like you... petite! I'm glad you're not having to do a lot of fiddling with the pattern to get the size you want.

  • At 10:54 PM, Blogger Lolly said…

    Karma's right - that color is a beauty! That is going to be a great cardigan. Can't wait to see more!

  • At 2:04 PM, Anonymous Bonnie said…

    What a face!?!??!! I can't resist a cute dog being lazy. Your baby looks like a cuddle pro.


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