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Friday, July 01, 2005

Updates all around...

Yikes! Has it really been over a week since I've posted to my blog? Things should be calming down a little about now so hopefully I'll get back to knitting more and talking more about it! I've been helping out with a summer camp for middle schoolers a couple of days this week, and I had no clue how tired it would leave me! It was fun though. Some of the kids were from disadvantaged homes, some were from a poorer county, and others were minorities and this was designed to inspire them academically.

As Parker demonstrates, my Apricot progress is slow enough to put the most energetic soul to sleep so this will be short and sweet. I thought I'd make some big progress at a 2 day seminar this week but wrote down the wrong days on my calendar so instead of a guaranteed 2 days of straight knitting, I only had 1. But knitting through the seminar was great. I had hesitated since I think it looks rude to the non-knitter and since it's a professional thing, I want to make a good impression but I was still able to pay attention.

I ended up getting the sleeve done almost up to the cap. I'll get it done this weekend and post photos. And start sleeve #2! In spite of how long it's taking me and the pattern frustrations, I'm really enjoying this project. It has just enough variation to make it interesting but not enough that I can't do it somewhat mindlessly.

In the meantime, check out Sarah Nicole's finished Apricot (and nice, new blog). Doesn't it look great?

My biggest excitement of the week was seeing the famous person I'd like to meet above all others, Tubby Smith, on UK's campus. He's the Kentucky basketball coach, by the way. He's a great coach but an even better person. I was talking to one of the kid's mothers, and he walked by, headed over to his basketball camp. Both of us were squealing! I wish I'd had my camera with me. He probably would have gladly posed for a photo. He's like that (or so I've heard). Instead, one of my favorite Tubby photos. Hehehe. I love this man.

I'm still working out with the trainer! It's been about 6 weeks now, and I don't hurt anymore. Yeah! I'm making great progress, though I've lost a grand total of 1 lb. That's just fine with me. I don't really care if I lose pounds as long as I lose body fat, and I am. I'm getting stronger, running faster, and definitely firming up. People are starting to notice. I am up to running 7 miles as my long run (up from 3 when I started), and I've cut over a minute off my time for slower distances. I run my first race Monday! Should be fun. I have people I know on the lookout for me, and my Mom will be taking pictures, so I should have a nice little cheering section going on. I'm pretty excited.


  • At 2:29 AM, Blogger goodkarma said…

    Stacy, you should be so proud of the progress you're making with your training! Woohoo! Have a great time at your race on Monday. I'll be cheering from Seattle. :)

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