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Saturday, February 25, 2006

The last progress report

Let's hope it's the last and the next post is a fully complete Ruffled Sweater!!!

And down the stretch they come (er, that's horse racing, not Winter Olympics. And it will be nice to make a post without silly sports metaphors. We're all doing it, I've noticed! :) ) The knitting's all done. The blocking is done. Next step: seaming.

I am still incapable of getting a picture that shows the color accurately. I've tried different rooms, different lights, flash or not, and the result is the same. They are mostly too bright and too orangey. Imagine the rosy red color of a raspberry and you've got it.

You may notice the shaggy overgrown Parker Cairn observing my work. You may also noticed plain guest bed mattress that serves as my blocking board. If you remember from a couple of weeks ago, Elly Cairn had a bladder infection and her 4th recurrence of bladder stones. All was pretty well within a couple of days, leading me perhaps to a bit of false security. One evening, she was whining around. Elly does that often if she wants me to pet her. I was busy and didn't. Oops, that wasn't a "pet me" whine, that was a "gotta go" whine. Usually I'm excellent at Elly to English translation but I blew this one. She jumped up onto the bed and peed a river. I watched in horror as my lovely back piece was under Elly as she peed. All was well, the piece was dry, and I didn't even mind having to rip off the sheets AND the bedskirt and clean the carpet.

Today's plans: Lunch with the grandparents. Stop to get some thread to seam this baby with (I have no desire to do that with the mohair!). Knit the ties that I had completely forgotten when saying that I was done with the knitting (14" stockinette, no biggie). Try to finish seaming. If I have time, pick up stitches and get started on the ruffle. Tomorrow, I'll finish the ruffle. And maybe have pics posted by tomorrow night. Don't hold your breath but that is the goal!

I'm thinking I'll even do a little on Salina's front this afternoon. The Cats have a big game with LSU at 3:45, and there is no way I'll be able to seam during that if I haven't finished it by that point. I'll probably finish the ties during the first half. It's a big game and knitting keeps me calm and from throwing things at the TV (yes, I have done that. I remove all hard objects from reach of my lucky game watching spot. Yes, there is one of those)

Good luck on finishing everyone!

P.S. Thanks for birthday greetings!!! Yes, CupcakeQueen, the Cats gave me a great birthday present with a HUGE 40 point win where my favorite player, Rajon Rondo, came out of a big slump he's been in with 12 assists! It happened to be his birthday too. February 22nd was a good day. :) I'll pretend that his nasty dunk during the game was a little birthday shoutout for me!


  • At 1:37 PM, Blogger Melissa said…

    Yay! the end is in site. hope to see a victory picture tomorrow!

  • At 11:17 AM, Anonymous Skylar said…

    Yea! She's looking good! My Kiri is blocking. Woo hoo! And happy birthday, my friend!

  • At 6:53 PM, Anonymous Juls said…

    It looks great...and I just love reds (except when at a Cal - Stanfurd game). It will be so over-the-top gorgeous with the ruffle!!!


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