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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Olympic Training

The Knitting Olympics are just days away! I've got the yarn...

I've got the swatch...

I've got the needles (you don't need a picture, do you? Addi Turbos, Size 7)

I think I'm ready to get started on my Snap Cardigan!

I've decided not to add any shaping for this project since the ribbing hits almost to my waist and because I'm going to size it down to make it a slimmer fitting sweater than the almost 40" small in the pattern. I don't find shaping quite as necessary for me when I'm dealing with a cardi instead of a pullover. So that much of the planning is done! I'm really happy with the color I chose. It's a pastel-ish shade but to me, it's a hint more grown up than a baby pastel.

My swatch looks a little rumpled in the picture. After measuring it carefully, I decided to give it a test. Typically, I'd wash a sweater like this on the gentle cycle and lay it flat to dry (or perhaps dry on gentle). I wanted to see how it would work with regular washing and drying in case I want to use leftover yarn for project for the new nephew. I don't want to give new parents any more work than necessary so I tested it with washing abuse. I tossed it in with a load of sheets and towels, with hot water and bleach. Then I dried it normally along with the load. It didn't shrink at all (plus!). It looks a little rumpled but that's really because of how the stockinette rolls at the edges. Following their actual instructions to dry until damp and block would work better. The ribbing looks pretty good. It still feels so soft.

Why this project is a challenge...

One thing the Yarn Harlot said about the Knitting Olympics is that every knitter should choose a project that will challenge them in some way. Truly, a worsted weight cardigan in 16 days isn't a huge challenge, provided I set my mind to it. But it does have some challenging aspects. The first is a couple of days visit from a friend. My birthday falls in there too so that will be some more time away from knitting.

Another is the yarn selected and the pattern selected. Blue Sky Cotton is so soft to work with but cotton isn't as forgiving as wool. The pattern has a lot of ribbing, and while swatching, I had to be very careful that the edge of my ribbing wasn't loose. So I can't just rush through the knitting.

I've decided that I want to put a zipper in this rather than the snap tape. It will be my first zipper, and that's the big challenge on this project. I'm a little afraid to do it but there are several great tutorials online. If all else fails on the installation, I'll need to get it done as quickly as possible to have time to drop it off at the tailor. :)

Really, I'm ready to go. I bought a zipper that hopefully will work. It's white which I think will work just fine with the light color. If I end up not liking it, I'll look into ordering a custom one.

Salina probably is not going to be done by Friday. I've got about 6 inches of the front piece done. I did finish one cuff and have the other to do. If I make good progress on my Olympic project, I'll work on Salina throughout that time too.

I ended up going to the basketball game last night. I should have stayed home and worked on Salina. We lost yet again. This basketball season is KILLING me. We're 15-8 which is a really pathetic record for the winningest program in college basketball history.
It may be crazy for living and dying with a sports team but I grew up on this stuff. I grew up going to games with my Dad. I grew up sneaking my headphones into bed so I could listen to the postgame radio shows. I cried after every loss. One of the happiest, most exciting moments of my life was being at the 1996 NCAA Final Four when we won the whole thing. And yet now, our season is spiraling out of control, and there is not a thing I can do about it.

From a game in January, one of my favorite Rupp Arena traditions, the big K flag with the bank playing the theme from 2001


  • At 11:56 AM, Anonymous Bonnie said…

    I love the way the ribbing looks. I am not exactly challenging mysefl but I do have to split my knitting time with a trip to Colombia and on a project I have dreamed of doing forever but never seem to find the time.

    Good luck!

  • At 11:45 PM, Blogger goodkarma said…

    I'm so glad you like the yarn you chose for your cardi. I love it, personally. I'm impressed with how much torture the swatch took and how well it stood up. This sweater is going to be a keeper!


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