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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Cami Shot

It seems weird to be talking about a cami when it's snowing outside. We go from 75 and sunny to snow in under 48 hours. Gotta love Kentucky. But on the bright side, I did get to wear my beloved Simply Marilyn one more time for the season yesterday when I wore her to church. I love this sweater. I may very well make another one next winter.

Look at Winnie's blog, it's a completed Lucky! Doesn't it look great? Now I'm really inspired to finish mine up soon. I just need to do the sleeves. I did the 18" side tie and about 12" of the 62" one. That's a lot of 1x1 rib on size 2 needles so I've been working on it some when I don't feel like doing much else. 62 ", 10 rows per inch, 13 stitches per row=8060 stitches in the 62" band.

Here's my Honeymoon Cami!

Image hosted by

Cute, isn't she? The shaping is wonderful! Not so fast though. I'll post photos of me wearing her later. I love the look of the pattern, it's just a little too big. Well, way too big under the arms even though it fits okay in the bust. I made the XS, and this isn't the pattern's fault, if anyone is worried. It's my own weird shaped body. I'm short and small framed but really curvy. I have small armholes and shoulders but am a C cup which means that many knit patterns are way too big in the shoulder/armhole area. I'm thinking a crocheted border along the armholes may pull it in a little. It doesn't look bad, it just doesn't fit quite like I wanted! I'm even thinking about ripping it out and redoing it. It will be awhile before I can wear this so that gives me a chance to stew on it a bit before deciding what to do.

I still need to shorten the straps some. That would be the ends you see hanging off the top, although if the practice of not weaving in ends would come into fashion, I'd be all over that trend!


  • At 1:47 PM, Anonymous Skylar said…

    Oooo, honey I am loving this pattern! The color is so great too. I hope you can figure something out w/o having to frog it though. Ugh, the thought of that almost brings me to tears!

  • At 12:27 AM, Blogger winnie said…

    Stacy that cami looks delish. you have to model it!

  • At 4:13 PM, Blogger Lauren said…

    I love your cami, Stacy! The color is beautiful, and I know it will look great on you--don't frog it! Perhaps the crochet edge will really cinch it up.

    I don't know why my Bloglines never updates your site! I keep on missing your great posts! :(



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