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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Short Rows and New Yarn!!! New Yarn!!!

I thought I'd post how to do these since Juls commented about it. I'm getting this from Nancy Wiseman's sweater book. I borrowed it from the library since it was the name that came up when I was trying to figure out how to do short row shaping myself. The idea behind adding short row shaping to the shoulders of a sweater is that the neck end of a sweater slopes toward the shoulder end. Most patterns say to do this by binding off stitches at the shoulder edge but those can be bulky. Short rows add the shaping without the bulk.

It's easier done than explained. My pattern said to bind off 4 stitches at the shoulder edge two times then bind off 5 stitches once. So instead of binding off, on the first row, you would knit to that edge, stopping 4 stitches before the edge. Wrap the 4th stitch and turn, purling back to the other edge. The book
Stitch and Bitch has instructions on how to wrap and turn in the Pinup Queen pattern, if you don't know how to do this. Then knit back to 4 stitches before the last wrap (8 stitches from the end), wrap that stitch, turn, and purl back to the neck edge. At this point, knit the remaining stitches, picking up the wraps. Picking up the wraps is easy, just stick your needle in them (you can see them below the stitch) and then into the main stitch then knit. It's almost like a K2tog. Then you place these stitches on scrap yarn and when the other side is done, join the shoulders using a 3 needle bind off.

If you would be binding off the stitches on a purl row, you do the same as above but do them while purling.

Like I said, this is harder to explain than it is to do, especially coming from someone as wordy as I am!

I went to a
LYS this evening. I like this shop. It's small but very friendly and they have the Brown Sheep line as well as some others. It's a little out of my way since it's in a neighboring town but it's not too bad of a drive (except today, where I got stuck waiting on the same train twice and behind a wreck that had just happened!). I had some Brown Sheep Bulky to exchange. I got some Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece for a shell, Crystal Palace Waikiki for the Summer in the City tank from Yarn Girls' Guide to Simple Knits, and the newest Interweave Knits. I am coveting the Vintage Pink Cardigan! I'll post pictures tomorrow if I remember to take some!


  • At 5:15 PM, Blogger Julia said…

    Ooh! Fancy finish work. I love it! Can't wait to see what the beginnings of the tank. The weather in California is crankin' now so it's tank season kickoff.



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