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Monday, July 25, 2005

It's official. I'm in a slump

I feel like UK's Patrick Sparks during basketball season. I'm either super hot or as cold as ice. I'm knitting a ton or not doing it at all. But ah-ha, it hit me, why I can churn things out like crazy during the winter and can barely force myself to pick up the needles right now. It's the project, not knitting itself! It's not even that I hate my only current project, the Apricot Jacket. I love it, I really do! It's so pretty and an easy (but not boring) knit, once you figure out the &@^$# pattern.

But here's the kicker. The heat index today was 107. My office is usually warm. Thus Apricot won't be worn for another couple of months, at least. I am a person who does this for the stuff. I like making something I can wear and show off proudly. I love getting a compliment on my sweater and with a sweet grin, tell them I made it myself. It gives me strength to fly through something, just waiting for that day I get to wear it. I don't have that with Apricot right now.

Or it could just be the fact that I usually knit while watching TV and there is nothing on TV right now. I may be overanalyzing this.

But anyhoo, I think this revelation means I need to start a couple of new projects, things that are good for now. I have some ideas!

First is another Honeymoon Cami done in Berocco Cotton Twist in the pretty pinky coral that I've had for a couple of months. Since I've never worn the FIRST Honeymoon Cami I made, I'll correct the sizing issue with this one by making it a couple of sizes smaller. I've learned my lesson on knitting with can go smaller with it.

The next idea is a Kentucky blue tank, maybe the Mud Flap Girl tank from SNB-Nation. I'm thinking royal blue so I have it to wear to the Kentucky football opening game (finally, season tickets!). If I got really into it, I'd do a big white school logo K in the middle. Or that could be really dorky. It's always so hot the first couple of games of the season, and I gotta wear blue. I also have these dreams of having it on at a basketball game, being spotted by Ashley Judd, who must have her own, being whisked off to Hollywood, marrying my boyfriend Matthew McConaughey, and living happily ever after.

Or I could just buy this. It would cost less.

Another thing that I need to get started on soon if I decide to do it is Trellis from Knitty for a friend's kid. It's a surprise for the friend, and the only hint I'll give is that the kid is born. I'm going to have either a couple of people breathing a sigh of relief that isn't for their kid or else have some unhappy friends who talked them into believing it was for them. Why this pattern? I think it's awfully cute, and I'd love to try an aran. I'm not into arans for myself since most of the patterns I've seen are horribly unflattering to my frame but a little kiddie version may be nice.

That in mind, I knit up a swatch. It's Bernat Cotton Tots which is not the yarn I'll be using since it's too fluffy for this type of pattern. I was just trying to get an idea of what gauge I got with it.
Image hosted by

I'm thinking of doing it in Cotton Ease.

PS, don't let the color of it give away who the gift is for. Mine will probably be a different color, and this little sweater is cute for a little boy or girl.

Lots of stuff but I'm already feeling more motivated to knit!

In book news, I picked up the new Sophie Kinsella book, Undomestic Goddess. I love her books, and so far, so good on this one! I've had a few times as a lawyer that I wanted to run far, far away, and I swear, I was getting stressed just reading her schedule in the beginning. If you can deal with an implausible storyline, it's very funny (so far).


  • At 11:51 AM, Anonymous Sarah said…

    You sure would be a superfan with a UK knit fan shirt! I'm with you, except my problem is that I don't finish things fast enough to wear them in the current season. Hence, all my long sleeve sweaters are getting work now in hopes of fall.

  • At 1:07 PM, Anonymous Skylar said…

    You know, I am having a hard time deciding what to knit up next, since it's been so warm here in So Cal. I did knit up a Lelah top and it came out cute. I want to make something else for myself that's summery, but I have to get cranking on a sweater that needs to be finished before the end of October and I haven't even started. Oh the possibilities...

  • At 9:00 PM, Blogger Lesley said…

    Girl, you so need to finish your Apricot Jacket.

    *prod, prod*

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