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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Can I trick them?

If I post lots of yarn and project pictures, maybe no one will notice the lack of a completed Lucky.

I was across town the other day to pick up a Mother's Day gift for my grandma and decided to give this one little LYS another shot. I wasn't looking to really buy anything, just check it out again. The deal is that it intimidates me. The owner is a sweet lady but the other two times I've been in, a couple of her friends have been sitting around knitting in the tiny shop, making me feel like I'm intruding on some private family gathering. And she doesn't list prices anywhere so if I want something, I have to ask how much it is. For more common yarns, I have an idea but she carries a lot of European yarns that I am not familiar with so I have no clue.

But I had a great experience Friday! There weren't any other people in the shop, and she and I had a nice chat about knitting. The lady is really sweet and really encouraged me to not be afraid to try more complicated projects. I told her about Lucky on size 2 needles, and she said I would be really pleased with it in the end. I agree with her that while bulky knits give great quick satisfaction, the smaller yarns and needles look better (at least on me). I really hadn't planned on buying anything but I came across a great pinky coral shade of Berroco Cotton Twist and lo and behold, I'll be doing another Honeymoon Cami. I'll see if I can make it fit better than the first one.
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I started on my first pair of socks! A smart person would probably start with a basic stockinette pattern on slightly bigger needles. Not me! I go for cables and ribbing! I love the Cable Rib socks from the Spring IK so that's what I'm doing. I got gauge with the Brown Sheep Cotton Fine leftover from Lucky on size 0 needles. I barely knit at all over the weekend so most of what you see below is from Thursday and Sunday nights. This is stretched out over my foot. You really can't see the cable otherwise.

Double pointed needles aren't nearly as scary as some people make them out to be!
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Whew, all this on my knitting plate. What do I do? Start something new, of course! I came across the Chevron Rib Tank pattern while browsing blogs and had to try it. I have some Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece I'd bought to make a shell to go under a suit but decided it was meant for this tank instead. I couldn't quite get the pattern's gauge but the pattern's smallest size is a little bigger than I want it to be so that work out great.

I just had to start with the front first because it looked more interesting than the back. This couple of inches took almost no time to do last night so this should be a really fast project. Gotta love simple knits and purls and increases/decreases that make something look a lot more complicated than it is!

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After working on size 2 and size 0 needles for the socks and Lucky, the size 5 needles of the tank feel like logs in my hands.

I guess I have to talk about Lucky, don't I? I've got 24 inches of the 62" tie done. 1x1 ribbing on size 2 needles bores me to tears. I'll get it finished and seamed by the end of the week.

Um, didn't I say that last week?


  • At 1:19 PM, Blogger goodkarma said…

    I'm sorry you felt intimidated at the LYS but I do like the cotton twist you picked out! Pretty!

    I agree about bulky vs. fine knits. I have a pretty curvalicious shape and bulky things make me look REALLY bulky! So Lucky is taking forever but it's going to fit really well. (I hope.)


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